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Stop in and check out our store.  At Heart O’ Lakes Quality Meats, we strive to deliver personalized full service, in a friendly old-fashioned meat market environment. We offer only the highest quality meat products.  We have a large and ever expanding selection of products.  Our goal at Heart O’ Lakes Quality Meats is to meet or surpass the needs of every customer. Look for Heart O' Lakes products at Park Region Co-op,  Lakeland Hardware in Dunvilla, duCharme's Corner Store at Star Lake, Lake and Main in Battle Lake, Cormorant Inn by Cormorant.  Also Cormorant Sportsman Club meat raffles: Thursday - Cormorant inn HOL meats became a Minnesota state equal to federal regulations butcher shop on July 2, 2015 and started butchering on July 7, 2015. What does that mean?  We are now able to buy and slaughter on-site and sell fresh locally grown beef, pork, bison and lamb through our meatcase, along with selling, quarter, half or whole beef, half and full hogs, and lambs locally grown. We will hand cut size and thickness of all fresh steaks to your specifications. Call us ahead of time with an order and we’ll have it waiting for you. Mike McFeely is a true believer in our products.  Check him out on WDAY 970 AM from 8:30 AM - 11 AM  weekdays.