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Pricing Explanation                  For example of the cost of a beef and a hog on one of the sites: We sell 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef cut, wrapped, and frozen to your specific instructions. Prices vary from week to week.  For example: 1/4 of beef hanging weight at 180 #s and we are at $2.69 a pound hanging weight-your total would be $484.20. This would be the price of the beef, cutting, wrapping and freezing. We sell 1/2 or whole hogs also. Prices vary from week to week. Example: hogs hanging weight of 100#'s selling at $1.59 a pound would cost $159.00-there is an extra charge for the smoking and curing of any meat of .75 cents a pound. So if this animal had 18#'s of ham and 11#'s of bacon it would be 29#'s by .75 cents equaling $21.75 that would be added on to the $159.00 which would give you a total of $180.75. We can also make breakfast links, cottage bacon, and smoked pork chops upon request.